Budget Sinamay Fabric - 1/2m

There are times in hat making when you don't want or need a super fine sinamay fabric, so this budget version is a great choice! Don't get us wrong - this is still a very good quality sinamay fabric, just with a slightly looser weave than our standard range. Ideal for blocking or styled freehand to make hat trims and fascinators. Simply mist with water or steam to activate the built in stiffener!

Provided in half metre lengths which is 50x92cm (19.6"x36). Multiple lengths purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece. Colours in our budget sinamay range may vary ever so slightly from our standard range of sinamay products.

Sinamay fabric is made from natural fibres so there may be slight imperfections and inconsistencies in the weaves. This is totally normal and part of it's beauty.

  • £3.50
Ivory Sinamay
Black Sinamay