Basic Sinamay Hat Crown

£2.00 £3.00

These basic hat crown came from an old hat factory, and we must warn you, some have a few minor dents which you will need to steam out. But fear not! It's easy enough to do over the kettle and will save you loads of time blocking out a crown of your own. 

The have a basic curved shape and a sewn-in sinamay bias band around the inside so you could easily steam this to fit a smaller or larger hat band size.  As it is, the band fits around 22.5".

To finish this crown off, simply add a brim or get creative and fashion a pillbox from it!

Crown height measures 7.5cm (2.9 inches)

Colour Notes:
Ice Blue: This colour has some very slight discoloration at the side crown, so we have made it even cheaper! 

Please note that this range does not coordinate with our standard range of sinamay fabric and trims. Some colours will be close, but don't expect an exact match!