Assorted Vintage Feather Bundles

We were super lucky to have stumbled across a collection of vintage feathers from a retired milliner who had an obsession with antique millinery supplies! We have so many lovely mounts and feathers that we have bundled them in packs. Only 1 pack of each exists, so when they are gone they are gone! For size details see photos. Contents as follows:

Pack 1: 
1 Bundle Goose Feathers
2 Small unknown feathers, 1 tan & 1 navy
1 fanned chocolate ostrich bundle

Pack 2:
1 Assorted Pheasant mount with golden pheasant back
1 Pheasant and Goose Mount
1 Chocolate and rust hackle and biot mount

Pack 3:
1 Fancy pheasant and hackle pad
1 Blue marabou and pheasant mount
1 Black goose and pheasant mount

Pack 4:
1 Green curled goose nagorie and peacock hurl mount
1 Red marabou and pheasant mount
1 Black goose and pheasant mount

Pack 5:
1 Ivory marabou mount with ribbon binding
1 Burgundy trimmed goose flower mount
1 Brown trimmed feather flower

Pack 6:
1 Blue goose mini feather flower mount
1 Black and white hackle feather flower
1 Marabou and biot feather mount

Pack 7:
1 Deep plum trimmed goose feather flower
1 chocolate ostrich bundle
1 Hackle and pheasant feather pad

Pack 8:
1 Latte and chocolate hackle feather flower
1 Ivory hackle feather mount
1 Full black coque, red arrowhead quill and ostrich mount

  • £10.00