'Amara' Vintage 1940's German Daisy Millinery Hat Mount


One doesn't always associate bright colours with vintage trimmings, so it is always pleasing to come across something that debunks the myth that all 40's era hats were green or brown! 

The 'Amara' flower mount is a large single daisy made from amazingly coloured emerald and royal blue striped waxed fabric. It's accompanied by leaves and it's tag reads 'Made in Germany, USSR Occupied' which will date this flowers manufacture date to 1945-1949. Over 70 years old, it's in amazing condition! 

With a wired stem and leaves, simply sew it to your project and arrange as you wish. 

Mount measures:
Flower width: 10cm (3.9 inches)

♻️ This product is part of our sustainable range of millinery supplies. By buying this vintage product, you are saving our earths precious resources ♻️