20 Fluffy Marabou Feathers

These fluffy marabou feathers are an excellent inexpensive way to trim your hats and fascinators!

Each pack contains 20 feathers that vary in size and measure between 4-7" (10-17.5cm) in length.

  • £2.50
Ivory Marabou
White Marabou
Light Grey Marabou
Black Marabou
Burgundy Marabou
Red Marabou
Bright Pink Marabou
Light Pink Marabou
Orange Marabou
Yellow Marabou
Mint Marabou
Emerald Green Marabou
Light Blue Marabou
Royal Blue Marabou
Powder Blue Marabou
Lilac Marabou
Purple Marabou
Cerise Marabou
Dark Brown Marabou
Peach Marabou