Vintage 1970's Sequin & Cord Trim - 1.8m Card (2 yards)


How sweet are these?! This sequin and cord trim dates back to the 1970's and even comes on its own little card which holds 1.8m (2 yards). Perfect for adding a little sparkle to a fascinator or hat!

This trim measures 1.8cm (0.7 inches) wide.

Colour Notes: 
Black: Black Sequin with a silky cord
Purple: Bright plum sequins with a silky cord

Cerise: Cerise sequins with a fuchsia lurex cord

Light Pink: Pink pearlescent sequins with a silky cord

Orange: Pink and orange iridescent sequins with a silky cord

Pale Yellow: Pale yellow sequins with a gold lurex cord

Green: Green sequins with a lurex cord

Due to its age you will expect to see a little light damage on the outer layer but it is barely noticeable.

These are limited edition, so when they are gone they are gone!