Vintage 1950s Japanese Lily of the Valley Flower Spray


My oh my have we found the most perfect little lily of the valley flowers! Dating to the early 1950s, these vintage flower spray were made in Japan and have the most glorious little cupped petals that are made up from stiffened cotton fabric. 

Each flower has a tiny stamens and is connected to a wired sprig that is topped off with small stamen buds. 

Lily of the Valley, also known as the 'May Lily' symbolizes purity, happiness, luck and a "return to happiness". It's no wonder why they play such a huge part in historical wedding headdresses! 

Each spray is made up of 12 stems that measure:
Length: 15cm (5.9 inches)
Width of flowers: Approx. 6-7mm 

Please note that some sprays are made up of 6 stems so we will send you two sprays to equal 12 stems. 

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