Vintage Flat Melusine Fur Fabric - Offcuts

£10.00 £38.00

Are you into really rare, amazing vintage hat making materials? Then you will absolutely NEED this stuff! Dating to the 1930s/40s it is flat melusine fur made from the longest, softest hare fur. Originally used for a variety of purposes, but mostly to make super high end mens top hats. It is a flat felt which can easily be blocked and used for trims, etc. Quite simply a piece of hat history!

We have some pieces here which have been cut into, sectioned out or quite simply are not the full metre piece that these are normally provided in. See pictures and descriptions below for sizing details. 

Jade Piece 1: 42x60cm, piece sectioned out and some very slight discoloration

Jade Piece 2: 48x43cm 

Beige Piece 1: 41x37cm

Beige Piece 2: 29x42cm