*Sale Special* Damaged Stripped Diamond Coque & Goose Feather Mount


We have some slightly damaged feather mounts to clear out, so here is  your chance for a bargain! 

These mounts have snapped or missing coque feathers, but nothing is wrong with the main body of the mount! In most cases you can simply cut back the damaged feather stem for a perfectly usable mount. The most damaged ones may need all of the coque feathers removing, but on average only 2-3 are broken/missing. 

We have just shown a few colour examples of the damaged mounts, more product photos can be seen here.

Main feather goose feather body length measures around 15-20cm (5.9-7.8 inches)
Width: 8-10cm (3-3.9 inches)
Length of wired stem: 10cm (3.9 inches)