'Michelley' Soft Silk Ranunculus Millinery Flower Hat Mount


Meet the 'Michelley' flower - almost identical to the 'Michelle' flower, but much softer and not quite as structured. This wired mount is made up of three flowers that are made from layers and layers of pressed and shaped soft silk. Made up of two large and one small flowers, each has a large cluster of matt finish stamens at it's centre. All wired up with a central wired stem you will also find two sets of three leaves. 

2 larger flowers measures approximately 6cm (2.3 inches), smaller flower 4cm (1.57 inches)
Length of wired stem: 10cm (3.9 inches)

We take great care in making sure your flower does not arrived squished and is shipped lovingly with protective tissues and box packaging. Flower slightly out of shape after storage/shipping? Try waving it over a gently steaming kettle for a few seconds and watch it spring back to life.