Confetti Wool Felt Cone Hood Hat Body - 90g

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This wool felt cone hat body is made from thick Australian wool and has been stiffened to help in the hat blocking process. Even better, it has been dashed with ivory hare fur strands to make for a luxurious confetti effect. Great for making fascinators and hats from scratch the traditional way.

Cone Measures approx.:
2.5-3mm thick
Flat measurement 26x40cm (10.2x15.7 inches)
Weight: 90g

Stiffener: 1 degree shellac stiffener. Stiffness can vary based on colour, but all block up wonderfully!

*Please note that this is not a finished hat but the 'body' to make one from scratch.* 

Petershams Guide to hat bodies:

Cone: This is the perfect size for most fascinators and for blocking out hat crowns.
Flares: This is the size in between a cone and a capeline, so good for hats with smaller brims or larger fascinators.
Capelines: This is the largest hat body, great for wide brimmed hats.