Vintage 1940s Peri-Lusta Mending Maid Darning Doll


Oh my cuteness! These sweet 'Mending Maids' date back to the 1940s and were rescued from an old haberdashery, so they are totally new and un-used! Doll has a wink and a smile and declares that 'I'm here to darn your hose'!.

A fabulous piece of make-do-and-mend history, this doll is formed of 8 skin-tone shades of mercerised cotton thread reels and is balanced on a thread card labelled 'Peri Lusta, Darning Thread, Made in England'. 

Makes a great gift for anyone with an interest in haberdashery history! 

Dolls vary in colourway, so we will choose one for you at random. 

Dolls measure:
Height: 15cm (6 inches)
Body Width: 6cm (2.3 inches)