STASH SALE - Damaged Ginormous Extra Large Striped Polybraid Capeline Hat Body - 15"


THE STASH SALE IS ON - This is your chance to get one-off bargains in our once a year clear-out! 

We have a stack of ginormous hat bodies that have suffered from a bit of damage, mostly from disconnected threads which have caused a tear where the crown meets brim. Some have  a small mark on them. Some have an outtie instead of an innie at the crown tip. A bit of a stitch repair is all that is needed to make most of these giant bodies good as new! 

Damage varies from body to body, we will select one at random for you and the damage shown in phots might vary from the capeline you receive. 

Capeline Measures:
Flat measurement from crown tip to brim: 38cm (15 inches)
Brim width from side crown to brim edge: 22.5cm (8.8 inches)