Melusine Vintage Fur Felt Cone Hood Hat Body - Bright Colours

Melusine hat bodies are known for their rich, lush long rabbit fur pile. These vintage examples also come in the most unique colourways, too! Dating to the 1940s-60s, they are very special and would make for a fabulous one of a kind hat. All are in excellent vintage condition.

Colour notes & Sizes (when laid flat): 

Pale Dusky Pink, Has 'Fraenkel' stamp on inside : 26x35cm
Dusky Mauve: 28x39cm
Light Ruby: 26x38cm
Pumpkin: 27x38cm
Yellow: 28x39cm
Sky Blue: 27x39cm

  • £75.00
Pale Dusky Pink Fur
Dusky Mauve Fur
Light Ruby Fur
Pumpkin Fur
Yellow Fur
Sky Blue Fur