Visca 1x1 Weave Capeline Hat Body - 11"

This capeline hat body is made from visca which is a Japanese wood pulp. From afar it has the appearance of parasisal straw, has a gorgeous shine and costs a fraction of the price!

Floppy by nature, this checkerboard 1x1 weave visca can be blocked and stiffened just as you would with straw. For a more structured crown simply pop over buckram. If a romantic floppy brim is what you are after this is just superb!

Capeline Measures:
Flat measurement from crown tip to brim: 28cm (11 inches)

*Please note that this is not a finished hat but the 'body' to make one from scratch.* 


Petershams Guide to hat bodies:
Cone: This is the perfect size for most fascinators and for blocking out hat crowns.
Flares: This is the size in between a cone and a capeline, so good for hats with smaller brims or larger fascinators.
Capelines: This is the largest hat body, great for wide brimmed hats.


  • £10.00
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