'Natalie' Velvet and Organza 10cm Rose Flower Mount


'Natalie' is a pretty velvet and organza rose, perfect for winter millinery! It's a terrific size to be making into a fascinator or use it to trim up a large hat. 

Crafted from pressed and shaped petals to form a rose, they have been delicately dyed with a ombre finish and has a trio of veined leaves at the back. All attached to a central wire stem, simply bend into your desired shape! 

We would place this flower at a medium level in terms of quality - the velvet fabric is on the cheaper side with visible dotted markings on the underside. The flower, however is beautifully formed. We have priced this flower accordingly to it's quality. 

Flower measures:
Flower width: 10cm (3.9 inches)
Length of stem: 9.5cm (3.7 inches)