'Kiera' Large 18cm Velvet Lily Flower Mount


'Kiera' is a super large lily made from pretty velvet, perfect for winter millinery and beyond! It's a terrific size to be making into a fascinator or use it to trim up a large hat. 

Crafted from pressed and shaped petals to form a lily, it, this flower is backed by 6 large velvet leaves. All attached to a central wire stem, simply bend into your desired shape! 

We would place this flower at a medium/good level in terms of quality - the velvet fabric is on the cheaper side and is a tad stiff. The flower, however is beautifully formed. We have priced this flower accordingly to it's quality. 

Flower measures:
Flower width (excluding leaves): 18cm (7.08 inches)
Length of stem: 10cm (3.9 inches)