'Priscilla' Giant 25cm Velvet & Organza Millinery Flower

WOWZA! Meet 'Priscilla', by far our largest and most flamboyant millinery flower. Ideal for Royal Ascot, this giant is made up of giant floaty organza and silk petals with velvet accent petals at it's centre. It's an absolute whopper of a flower! 

Try putting two on a fascinator base or headband for an instant statement hat! 

Flower measures:
Width: Around 25cm (10 inches) when splayed out
Length of wired stem: 9cm (3.5 inches)
  • £15.00
Ivory Priscilla
Champagne and Blush Priscilla
Pale Peachy Pink Priscilla
Bright Pink Priscilla
Red and Black Priscilla
Cobalt Blue Priscilla
Champagne Silk
Gold Silk
Warm Grey Silk
Dusky Pink Silk
Magenta Silk
Deep Turquoise Silk
Heather Mix Silk