25mm No.5 Traditional Stripe Millinery Petersham Hat Ribbon - 1m

This traditional striped petersham ribbon comes in some striking colour palettes and is the most fabulous quality! Made in France, it measures 25mm (0.98 inches) wide and is also known as a 'No.5'.  

100% cotton, this millinery petersham is made specifically for hat making as it can be curved with an iron to fit around brims and crowns.

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards), multiple metres purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece. 

  • £2.50
Jax Petersham
Tom Petersham
Tony Petersham
Kate Petersham
Stassi Petersham
Beau Petersham
Giles Petersham
Max Petersham
Kirsten Petersham
Lala Petersham
Brett Petersham
Ariana Petersham
Brittany Petersham
Lisa Petersham
Berri Petersham
Sunset Petersham
Autumn Petersham