25mm No.5 Millinery Petersham Hat Ribbon

25mm wide (a.k.a. No.5) millinery petersham ribbon is ideal for trimming, edging and creating hat bands as it can be curved with an iron.

This is super high quality and is made specifically for hat making with a fiber content of 70% rayon, 30% viscose.

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards). Multiple metres purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece. 

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  • £1.50
Black Petersham
Gunmetal Grey Petersham
Pewter Grey Petersham
Cloud Grey Petersham
Pale Grey Petersham
White Petersham
Ivory Petersham
Champagne Petersham
Light Beige Petersham
Straw Petersham
Mink Petersham
Chocolate Brown Petersham
Rust Petersham
Burgundy Petersham
Red Petersham
Fuchsia Pink Petersham
Light Pink Petersham
Pale Pink Petersham
Rose Petersham
Pale Peach Petersham
Peach Petersham
Orange Petersham
Old Gold Petersham
Yellow Petersham
Citrus Petersham
Mint Green Petersham
Sea Green Petersham
Emerald Green Petersham
Army Green Petersham
Bottle Green Petersham
Jade Petersham
Turquoise Petersham
Aqua Blue Petersham
Light Blue Petersham
Cornflower Blue Petersham
Royal Blue Petersham
Bright Plum Petersham
Purple Petersham
Amethyst Petersham
Lime Petersham
Slate Blue Petersham