Goose Feather Tree Mount

This goose feather tree has sparked in popularity over the past few years as more and more people load up the underside of a hat rather than the top. And this is just the thing you need to do that! 

Goose feather tips have been trimmed and shaped and wired to create a 'tree' effect. Because it is fully wired it can be sculpted to suit the shape of your hat. 

Measurements will depend on how you shape it, but will typically measure:
Length: 27cm (10.75 inches) 
Width: 18cm (7 inches)


  • £5.25
Black Goose
Pewter Grey Goose
Pale Grey Goose
White Goose
Ivory Goose
Light Beige Goose
Latte Goose
Red Goose
Cerise Goose
Light Pink Goose
Yellow Goose
Royal Blue Goose
Plum Goose