Large Spiky Goose Feather Wired Hat Mount

Make a statement with this large spiky millinery mount! Made from trimmed and shaped goose feathers that are attached to a central wired stem which is perfect for bending into your desired shape. We love using this one laid flat around a large brim or upright to make a mohawk style headpiece!

Main body length of mount measures around 25-28cm (10-11 inches)
Length of wired stem: 9cm (3.5 inches)
  • £8.00
Black Goose
Black and Ivory Goose
Pewter Grey Goose
Pale Grey Goose
White Goose
Ivory Goose
Light Beige Goose
Ivory and Latte Goose
Latte Goose
Mink Goose
Dusky Pink Goose
Victorian Rose Goose
Rose Pink Goose
Light Pink Goose
Neon Pink Goose
Magenta Goose
Cerise Goose
Red and Cerise Goose
Red Goose
Coral Goose
Blush Goose
Honeycomb Goose
Yellow Goose
Neon Yellow Goose
Teal Goose
Light Pink and Aqua Goose
Powder Blue Goose
Royal Blue Goose