Double Burnt, Curled & Dyed Pheasant Feather Hat Mount

This feather hat mount is made up of two curled and dyed pheasant feathers secured at the base so you can easily sew or glue it onto your hat or headpiece. It's also been burnt giving the feathers a fine, wispy appearance. 

It's petite size means it works well for tucking into the side crown of a men's hat, or as a delicate flourish to a women's headpiece. 

Dyed onto natural pheasant feathers, lighter colours will primarily show up on the feathers spine and have a natural tone at the feathers tip. 

Mount measures:
Length: 13-16cm (5.1-6.2 inches) 
Width: 5.5-7cm (2.1-2.7 inches)
  • £2.75
Black Pheasant
Dark Grey Pheasant
Pale Grey Pheasant
Ivory Pheasant
Rose Pheasant
Pale Pink Pheasant
Mauve Pink Pheasant
Cerise Pheasant
Red Pheasant
Burgundy Pheasant
Bottle Green Pheasant
Powder Blue Pheasant
Royal Blue Pheasant
Heather Pheasant