Diagonal Pleated Crin Strip

Crin is a fabulous way to add width and texture to a hat, and this new diagonal pleated variety is just perfect for wrapping around brims! 

Also known as horsehair braid or crinoline, it has a thread on one side which you can pull to gather it up or simply remove to use plain.

Measuring 11cm (4.3 inches) in width, each strip is around 78-81cm (30.7-31.8 inches) in length. 

  • £4.00
Black Crin
Pale Grey Crin
White Crin
Ivory Crin
Nude Crin
Blush Crin
Dusky Pink Crin
Rose Pink Crin
Light Pink Crin
Coral Crin
Red Crin
Light Blue Crin
Royal Blue Crin