2.5mm Tube Millinery Crin

This is the teeny tiniest tubular crin we have ever seen! It's perfect for slipping over 1mm-1.2mm millinery wire for making custom headbands and creating interesting graphic shapes. 

It even has a central thread which can be pulled tightly for gathering. 

Crin measures about 2.5mm wide and is sold by the metre (1.09 yards) or by the whole roll which measures 32 metres (36 yards). 

  • £1.25
Black Crin
Pewter Grey Crin
Warm Grey Crin
Pale Grey Crin
White Crin
Ivory Crin
Sand Crin
Champagne Crin
Blush Crin
Light Pink Crin
Rose Pink Crin
Dusky Pink Crin
Cerise Pink Crin
Neon Pink Crin
Red Crin
Maroon Crin
Coral Crin
Peach Crin
Gold Crin
Yellow Crin
Neon Yellow Crin
Mint Green Crin
Moss Green Crin
Emerald Crin
Bottle Green Crin
Jade Crin
Aqua Crin
Turquoise Crin
Light Blue Crin
Royal Blue Crin
Plum Crin
Bright Plum Crin