Faulty 30mm Padded Sinamay Covered Headbands

*WARNING! These are not good quality. We got these from an old hat factory, and whilst being vintage and handmade, the foam inside the headband has yellowed which is visible through the badly laid on sinamay. The glue is also all over the place and they are extremely small!!! The satin ribbon lining is sometimes frayed and badly glued on.*

So why are we selling these despite them being rubbish? We can't bear to throw them in the dumpster, so we are simply charging you a nominal fee to take them off our hands! 

For sale as-is, you have been warned! 

Ideas for use:
-Children's headpieces
-Inexpensive craft projects
-Use as a headdress base (the foam is great for sewing into)
-Beginners hat-making classes where headbands would be covered. 

Headbands are on the very small side. Thickness at widest point: 30mm

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